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WWE is relentlessly pushing the same old narrative about Roman Reigns’ next title shot. He lost in the Triple Threat Money In The Bank qualifier after Jinder Mahal interfered against him. And yet, here we are talking about his next title shot. The loss in the MITB qualifier came on the heels of his win against Samoa Joe on Sunday, where people were so disappointed they were leaving before the match was over. So why does WWE keep asking this question? Do they think somehow that a significant portion of the WWE Universe will wake up one morning and feel differently about Reigns than they did the day before?

Reigns does have his fanbase but they clearly aren’t enough to drown out the chorus of boos and jeers he receives every time he shows his face on a WWE set. WWE cannot leave it alone, they cannot accept their failure to get him over, and it hurts Reigns more and more as they continue to test their boundaries with the audience.

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Well, the audience isn’t caving on this one, folks. It’s only getting worse and will continue to get worse until no one wants to see Reigns do anything at all. Even the prospect of him turning heel, a once exciting idea, seems somewhat pointless now. He’s already a heel if the boos are any indication, but it’s not a love-to-hate type of booing, it’s really just a genuine distaste.

I personally have no idea how to salvage Reigns after the continuous missed opportunities over the years thanks to the tunnel vision of Vince McMahon regarding the direction of Reigns’ character. Call it stubbornness, call it what you will. They have just never gotten Reigns right and it’s not like it was impossible. He had great potential. It was just a refusal to waver from that single idea of him as the top babyface. Once that idea had appeared in the mind of the WWE chairman, it calcified and crystallized and became unbreakable.

Read below as WWE asks the question again. Have you changed your mind yet?

How will Roman Reigns get another Universal Title opportunity?

After defeating Samoa Joe at WWE Backlash, Roman Reigns came to Raw hungry for retribution against Brock Lesnar and another opportunity to claim the Universal Championship that has repeatedly eluded him.

Unfortunately, The Big Dog’s defeat to Finn Bálor in this past Monday’s main event will keep Reigns from competing in the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, meaning he will need to find another path to The Beast Incarnate.

Feeling the championship rightfully belongs to him after the controversial conclusion of the Steel Cage Match at the Greatest Royal Rumble event, Reigns won’t stop until he has a chance to vanquish The Conqueror. Will The Big Dog go to extreme lengths on Monday to reach that goal?

Like I said, Reigns does have his fanbase consisting of mostly women and children, and it is apparently that group whose opinion Vince gives the most credence to. Because it seems with WWE, as it was with the Titanic (another sinking ship), it’s women and children first. The hardcore fans be damned. Wrestling isn’t for them anymore.


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