Wrestling Observer Live reported that WWE will likely be repackaging Dolph Ziggler soon. Ziggler has been absent from WWE TV for over a month, apparently because creative has no ideas for what to do with him.


Eva Marie recently spoke with Rolling Stone. She took occasion to comment on her departure from WWE and discussed the possibility of ever returning:

I have such a great relationship with Vince [McMahon], Paul [“Triple H” Levesque] and Stephanie [McMahon]. They gave me an opportunity to step away and film these two films I have done already, and you never know when that relationship will come back. So I might appear at a SummerSlam or WrestleMania. It just so happens that the wrestling craft, you have to be able to give yourself 110 percent to that. And then with acting, you have to do the same, so we decided together that with the films going back to back. I’m going to put my efforts into acting and growing that way. And then you never know: All Red Everything could come back and snatch that title.


Vince McMahon conveyed his pride in his children in honor of National Son & Daughter Day:

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