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-According to Wrestling Observer, WWE is still interested in signing top indie talent Walter. WWE interest in the talent goes back quite a while, but thus far they’ve been unable to sign him. When Walter was asked about his interest in jumping to WWE, he provided an interesting response-he is not interested in moving to or living in the United States. For many wrestlers, you’d imagine that working for WWE around the world would be a dream come true. Walter bucks that trend and would prefer to remain close to his home in Germany.

Of note, Walter has worked matches recently against WWE-signed talent, as Adam Cole defended the NXT North American title against Walter during EVOLVE 107.

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While WWE has tried, and failed, to sign Walter thus far, there may still be hope. WWE could aim to use him to anchor the new NXT UK brand, which would still allow him to be under WWE contract, but would largely satisfy his desire to remain close to home. Other European stars, such as Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate, do not work full time in the United States. Rather, they fly in for specific events.

-By now, we’ve all seen or read about Brie Bella delivering a couple of misplaced kicks to Liv Morgan on RAW. The kicks hit Morgan in the face or chin, and connected to the point where she was knocked out. Many people, myself included, called this a botch. WWE and ECW veteran Tommy Dreamer disagrees. He was on SiriusXM’s Busted Open show, with this to say:

While I have plenty of fond memories of Tommy, I have to disagree. In my mind, as I fill out each Nutshell, a botch IS an accident. It’s a blown spot. No one does a botch on purpose, I’d imagine. Brie hopefully neither intended to injure Liv, nor intended to botch the spot…but she did. Just as she has botched a couple suicide dives in recent weeks.

I don’t think anyone believed Bella was out to injure Morgan (that would be a much bigger story). Regardless, the spot was a shining example of a botch.

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