Jack Korpela and Matt Striker welcomed us to the show while Ted DiBiase and Trent Barreta made their entrances.

Ted DiBiase beat Trent Barreta in 6:01. The two exchanged control several times within the early going, but Ted ultimately gained the momentum when he countered Trent’s missile dropkick with a standing dropkick. Cody Rhodes was shown watching the match backstage.

Barreta tried to steal the win with a quick roll-up only to eat a clothesline from DiBiase. Ted then locked in a chinlock that Barreta quickly battled out of. DiBiase then hit a stall suplex before going back to the rest hold.

Once again, Barreta battled out, but this time he kept control with an enziguri, quickly followed by the Gobstopper knee. DiBiase rolled to the floor, and Barreta followed with a taker-like dive over the top rope.

Back in the ring, Barreta went for his version of Whisper in the Wind, but got cut off by Ted, who immediately capitalized with Dream Street for the win… [C]

2. Alicia Fox defeated Tamina in 3:52. Tamina toyed around with Alicia in the early parts of the match. Alicia was unable to get any offense in whatsoever.

Tamina worked a pattern of hitting a huge move, locking in a rest hold, hitting another big move, and repeat. Alicia finally broke the pattern after hitting Tamina with a dropkick. She hit several moves off the ropes in a row before Tamina grabbed her for a Samoan Drop. Alicia battled out, however, and hit her scissor kick for the win. Jack Korpela called the move Watch-Yo Face. I hope that does not stick…. [C]

3. Brodus Clay Squashed Aaron James in 1:44. Brodus came out with new ring gear. Brodus’s victim is A.J. from Tough Enough.

Brodus chopped the small Aaron James down to size and dragged him over to the apron. He smashed his head several times and continued to chock the back of the kid’s neck.

Back in the ring, Brodus had James beat after a powerslam, but he lifted James up to break the pin. Brodus hit a big splash in the corner quickly followed by his new running cross body finisher for the 1-2-3… [C]

4. Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga defeated Santino Marella and Evan Bourne in 11:44. Otunga and Santino started the match. Otunga took control while Santino did some comedy antics. Santino eventually gained control and the faces worked some rapid tags to keep Otunga at bay.

Otunga finally got the tag to McGillicutty and the heels took their turn wearing down their opponent. They worked over Bourne with a double-team move as the show went to commercial… [C]

Back from the break, Santino missed his headbutt and immediately began taking punishment from the heel team. Otunga and McGillicutty hit their Slingblade maneuver on Santino to continue their assault.

Eventually, Santino broke free and got the hot tag to Bourne. Bourne took out McGillicutty with a head scissors and kicked Otunga off of the apron. He rolled McGillicutty up but Otunga broke the pin. Bourne blasted Otunga and set up for AirBourne but McGillicutty dragged Otunga out of the ring. Bourne jumped on both heels.

Back in the ring, Santino hit the Cobra, complete with stupid sock puppet, on Otunga, but turned around to eat the McGillicutter from McGillicutty for the win.

Source: Prowrestling.net

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