The show opens up with a brief recap of the stuff that happened during the first half of the season.

Then it heads to Sacramento and Trinity, Eva, Natalya, Jo Jo and Brie are at a restaurant. Eva says that she is going to do a Maxim signing. Nattie says that she is a hooch. Jo Jo says she is going to throw up. Brie says that her and Nikki were on the cover of Maxim Espanol and Eva looks taken aback.

Trinity, Jon and Ariane are shown driving to RAW next. Ariane has road rage because of someone at a stoplight. Trinity and Jon are weirded out by how violent she is acting. She gets out of the car and argues with the dude through his window. Jon tries to pull her away and they all show concern for going to jail.

Then, Nikki is shown arriving at the arena. She talks about her injury.

Eva is shown next. She is showing off her Maxim photo shoot the Bellas. Eva talks about teaming with John Cena. They all underhandedly insult each other. Eva walks up and Nikki vents angrily to Brie about it.

Then, Eva Marie is shown at he Maxim signing. There are tons of people lined up. She says that it feels surreal.

Next, clips from RAW are shown. Nattie and Trinity are shown briefly talking about their singles match during that episode. A few clips from their match is shown. Nattie talks about how Trinity is athletic and competitive. Nattie gets hit in the stomach by Trinity and it makes her pee herself. She says that she was trying to hide it and hope no one saw it.

Back from commercial and Nattie is shown hurrying to the bathroom. Trinity meets her and Nattie tells her what happened. She gets in the shower.

Then, Cena is backstage with Hornswoggle. Nikki walks up and asked if he heard what happened to Nattie. Cena tells her about the time that he pooed himself during a match when he had food poisoning. Nikki laughs about it. She then asks him about his elbow.

Nikki then talks about the main event of SummerSlam. She expresses her concern for his elbow and hopes that it doesn’t stop him from wrestling. They kiss and Cena leaves.

Then, the divas head to a SummerSlam meeting with the talent people. Nattie talks about how important the weekend is. The talent guy tells them that Nattie will face off against Brie in a singles match at SummerSlam. She is excited. Then, he asks Nattie to be the host of a party. She is disappointed she doesn’t get to walk the red carpet.

Clips from the party are shown. Alicia Fox comes up to Nattie to talk about how she peed herself. Alicia says that a lot people know and Nattie is angry because of how Trinity worked in the ring.

Next, Cena gets a text and has to leave. Nikki gets upset because he doesn’t say why he had to leave. Ariane and her boyfriend are shown and Ariane wants to keep him in line because she doesn’t want to be embarrassed. She says that he may think it’s a party, but it is among her work peers. He tries to dance with her and she yells at him to leave her alone. They go to a corner and argue.

Back from commercial and Trinity pulls Ariane aside to talk to her about her anger. Trinity stresses that Ariane is angry because her boyfriend wants to have fun. Trinity says sometimes Ariane snaps and she doesn’t think that she realizes when she does it.

Then, the Bellas are in a hotel. They go for a walk with their dog. They talk about the party. Nikki talks about how Cena left and that he must have had personal reasons for leaving. They talk about it a bit more.

Next, things head to SummerSlam AXXESS. Brie says that it’s one of her favorite parts of events because they get to be one on one with fans. Eva Marie is shown signing for fans. She says people want to see more of her and less of the Bellas.

Nattie is shown signing and Alicia Fox brings up the pee incident again. Nattie gets angry.

Then, the Bellas are shown recording voices for an animated Flinstones movies coming out. They’re then in a room with Daniel Bryan. Nikki says he looked sharp with his hair slicked back in a suit. Brie talks about she saw Eva at the gym. She says that Eva tried to be her tag partner since Nikki is injured. Nikki talks about how angry Eva has been making her.

Back from commercial and Ariane goes to mom to visit and talk about her anger issues. Ariane’s mom asks about her and Vincent. She then tells Ariane that she wants her to work on her behavior. Ariane tries to take the conversation off her and talks about how she gets her temper from her mother. She brings up her tough childhood. Ariane says she was embarrassed about bringing people around growing up. Her mother says that she feels terrible.

Ariane says that she feels like she’s anti-guy sometimes. She doesn’t want to be meant to Vincent. Her mother doesn’t want it for her either. Ariane says she cares about Vincent and doesn’t want to ruin the relationship.

Next, Nattie and TJ are getting ready for SummerSlam in a hotel room. Nattie is nervous because of her last match. She says that people are talking trash on her and she is feeling a lot of pressure.

Back from commercial and Nattie and TJ are still talking. She talks about how is it’s going to be the biggest match of her career. TJ makes her feel better.

Then, Ariane, Vincent, Jon and Trinity meet for a romantic dinner. Ariane apologizes and Vincent accepts. He then does a toast.

Daniel Bryan and Brie are in their hotel room. Brie asks how he feels about his match. Daniel says there are high expectations. He asks how she feels. She says she is nervous. They talk about how both the Bella’s boyfriends are fighting in the main event.

Next, clips are shown of Brie getting ready for SummerSlam. Nikki walks up to John backstage and asks to talk to him. She asks why he has been avoiding telling her what happened at the red carpet. He says that it was because of his arm injury and he had to leave to call his doctor. He says he is going to be out for six months because of a torn triceps.

He says that the reason he hasn’t talked to her was because he had to come to grips with it. He then tells her that she is one of the first people to know and that he will be getting surgery soon. Nikki says that the WWE is his life and tells him to be careful.

Back from commercial and Jo Jo is shown singing the Nation Anthem. Then, other divas are shown getting ready. Brie talks about how she hopes Nikki can be professional with Eva since it’s the biggest moment of her career. Clips from the match are then shown.

After the finish, Nattie says she couldn’t believe she was nervous. She says it was one of the biggest matches of her career. Then, the Bellas are shown talking to their mother. Eva walks up and asks Nikki if she saw all the Eva signs. She says Bella is gonna fall and walks off. Nikki says that Eva needs to be humbled and that if she wasn’t classy she would beat her ass. Brie says that if Nikki lets Eva in her head then she wins.

The Bellas then are shown watching the main event with their mother. Clips from Cena vs. Bryan are shown. Nikki talks about how worried she is about John considering his injured arm.

Back from commercial and more clips from Cena vs. Bryan are shown. Brie asks Nikki if they fixed John’s elbow. Nikki says it’s hard for her not to tell her sister the truth. Brie talks about how excited she is after Bryan won the title.

John is shown rolling around on the mat. Nikki talks more about how worried she is because he never looks the way he did after the match. Clips from next week are shown to end the show.


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