Dave Meltzer reported on the Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE is planning to use Matt Hardy’s “Broken” gimmick. WWE is currently working on a deal with Impact Wrestling to use the character on TV, the details of which still need to be finalized.

After The Hardys parted ways with Impact, they found themselves faced with some legal posturing from their former employer. Impact has attempted to punish The Hardys, and by proxy all wrestling fans, by putting a trademark symbol (™) on all their Youtube videos that contain any references to the “Broken Universe”. They even went as far as sending a cease and desist letter to Ring Of Honor when the Hardys were to perform on their 15th Anniversary show.

Impact’s behavior has forced The Hardys to water down the gimmick to the point of them simply acting like their normal selves with little “Broken” flashes showing through occasionally. Impact clearly knew that if The Hardys were leaving and possibly going back to WWE, they could probably get paid some money because WWE would want to use the “Broken Universe” for themselves.

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