Florida Championship Wrestling in Fort Myers, Florida
Report by Jordan Owens

Scotty Goldman beat Trent Baretta (4:59)

Taylor Rotunda beat Kaleb O Neal (4:30) [Mike Rotunda aka IRS son making his debut]

Armando Alejandro Estrada beat Damien Santiago (6:12)

Drew McIntyre & Kafu beat Ian Richardson & Nelson Roy (6:39)

Johnny Curtis beat Yamamoto (5:32)

Gavin Spears & Dolph Ziggler [with Armando Estrada] beat Jon Emminger & Lawrence Knight (7:05) [John Cena came out afterwards and FU’ed Estrada]

Tyler Rex beat Stu Bennett (5:12)

Melina, Alicia Fox & Jack Gabriel beat Roucka, Wesley Holiday & Mike Kruel (6:15)

Jason Hawk beat Tyson Tarver (4:21)

Ricky Ortiz beat Sinn Bowdee (5:19)

Tag Titles: DH Smith & TJ Wilson beat Sebastian Slater & Joe Hennig (10:14)

[Diva Hot Body Contest hosted by Ziggler. Fans voted for Tiffany but he tried awarding it to Roucka. Jack Gabriel came back out and took him out. Him & the divas then danced to Thriller.]

Heavyweight Title: Sheamus O Shaunessy beat Eric Escobar (7:33)

Battle Royal, 30: Damien Santiago won (13:07)
[Spears & Kruel were in the final 3 & made an alliance till Spears back stabbed him. Santiago won and gets a Heavyweight Title shot soon]

Overall a really fun show but poorly organized arena wise. Lee Civic Center opened up three gates only to have all three lead to one more gate with the ticket takers. I can only compare it to running with the bulls. Also people that just got there jumped the line as it was originally only one line & gate and then turned to three last moment. The action made up for it, WWE definitely has some good talent to choose from here.

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