FCW TV Report
Episode 7, 11/16/2008
Report by Richard Trionfo

Your announcers are Dusty Rhodes and Josh Mathews.

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Match Number One: Roucka versus Tiffany versus Wesley Holiday versus Alicia Fox

All four are in the ring and Holiday goes after Tiffany while Roucka battles with Fox. Roucka and Holiday send Tiffany and Fox into each other but they are able to avoid each other and they clothesline Roucka and Holiday. Holiday and Roucka go to the floor and Alicia with a rollup. Tiffany with a hammer lock but Alicia with a side head lock and Roucka pulls Alicia out of the ring. Tiffany with a hip toss and arm drag to Holiday. Roucka hits Tiffany from behind and then slams her face into the mat. Roucka with a camel clutch to Tiffany and Holiday applies a Boston Crab to Tiffany. Fox kicks Holiday out of the hold. Roucka slams Fox and gets a near fall. Tiffany with a suplex to Roucka but Roucka with a knee and swinging neck breaker for a two count. Holiday pulls Roucka off by the hair and she hits a reverse pedigree on Roucka but Fox breaks up the cover. Fox with a kick and leg lariat for a near fall. Tiffany comes off the turnbuckles but she is met with a drop kick from Fox and Fox gets the three count.
Winner: Alicia Fox

Match Number Two: Tyson Tarver and Lawrence Knight with Byron Saxton versus Kafu and Johnny Prime

Prime and Tarver start things off and Tarver pie faces Prime and Prime punches Tarver. Prime with a fireman’s carry into an arm bar. Kafu tags in and Tarver gets away from Prime before Kafu can do anything. Knight tags in and Kafu does his floor exercise routine and kicks at the air. Knight with a kick to the midsection and punches. Knight misses a clothesline and Kafu with kick and a wrist lock. Kafu with a body scissors take down and follows that with an arm bar. Knight with a knee and then he Irish whips Kafu into the corner. Kafu punches Knight, but Tarver had already tagged in and he punches Kafu. Kafu with a near fall and then he connects with an elbow to the head and a rear chin lock. Tarver with a forearm to the back and Knight is tagged back in. Knight knocks Prime of the apron and the referee is distracted and Knight with knees to Kafu. Kafu with elbows followed by a spinning heel kick. Prime tags in and he connects with a forearm to Knight followed by a clothesline. Prime with a flying elbow to Knight and Prime gets a near fall. Kafu and Tarver fight out of the ring. Prime goes up top and Black Pain comes out. Knight uses the distraction to his advantage as he attacks Prime and he drops Prime from a fireman’s carry position for the three count.
Winners: Lawrence Knight and Tyson Tarver

We are back with a Sheamus O’Shaunessy video package.

Randy Orton comes to the ring and he has something to say. Orton says that as he prepares for Survivor Series, he would come to FCW to check out the latest crop of developmental talent. As he brushed elbows with the men and women behind the wall, he was impressed. They have loads of potential. Then he started to look around at the facility. He talks about the five practice rings, air conditioning, the latest technology, and heat. It got him thinking about eight years ago when he was in Louisville at OVW as a developmental talent, they only had one ring. They worked out in a barn with no a/c or heat. They had hunger and desire to one day make it to the big time. Most of them in OVW made it to the big time. Orton wonders if the talent behind the wall is being hand fed or do they have the hunger and desire? He also noticed that there was a sense of nervousness. It is because the Legend Killer is here. Surely when Ric Flair set foot in an FCW ring, the guys in the back were a bit nervous. When Batista came into this ring, the guys must have been a little nervous. Orton mentions Chris Jericho and John Cena. Orton says that one thing comes to mind when he mentions those names and they have something in common and it is not that they were once champions. What they have in common is that he has beaten them all . . . on numerous occasions. That makes him the most valuable commodity in the WWE. That leads him to his main point tonight. He came here to tell everyone that at the end of the year, he guarantees that he will be the World Heavyweight Champion again.

Drew gets on the mic and he says that unlike most of the guys in the back, he does not come out every week to make false accusations. He makes those statements in the ring. When he makes a statement, everyone listens. Nobody in the back has the combination of strength, ability, and agility. At twenty-three years of age, he is the future. Unfortunately for the champion, the future is now.

Match Number : Drew McIntyre versus Johnny Curtis

They lock up with a Greco-Roman knuckle lock but McIntyre with a kick to the chest for a near fall. McIntyre with a head butt but Curtis with forearms and punches. McIntyre doesn’t bite when Curtis tries a float over in the corner and McIntyre with a waist lock. Curtis with a take down and wrist lock. Curtis holds on to the wrist lock and hits a fireman’s carry into a leg drop on the arm for a near fall. McIntyre with a kick and waist lock take down and kick to the head. Curtis with an arm drag and Japanese arm drag and drop kick that sends McIntyre out of the ring.

Curtis goes to the apron and he tries for a clothesline to the floor but McIntyre with a kick to the chest. McIntyre slams Curtis’s head into the apron before rolling him back inside for a near fall. McIntyre with an arm bar and he locks the arm with his leg. Curtis gets to his feet. McIntyre with a suplex for a near fall. McIntyre goes for the turnbuckle and Curtis with a school boy for a near fall. McIntyre with a head butt to the midsection. McIntyre returns to the turnbuckle pad and then he connects with knees to the midsection and a butterfly suplex. McIntyre misses a leg drop when Curtis moves out of the way. McIntyre with a knee to the midsection and he gets a near fall. McIntyre with an arm bar and cross face. Curtis with punches to McIntyre followed by a side Russian leg sweep for a near fall. McIntyre with a kick but Curtis with a spinning heel kick. Instead of making the count on the cover, the referee decides to put the turnbuckle pad back on and misses the potential three count. Curtis with a sunset flip but McIntyre kicks out. McIntyre has a foreign object and he uses it to clothesline Curtis and the referee calls for the bell.
Winner: Johnny Curtis by disqualification

After the match, McIntyre chokes Curtis. Curtis rolls to the floor.

Match Number : DH Smith and TJ Wilson with Natalya versus Joe Hennig and Sebastian Slater for the Florida Tag Titles in a two out of three falls match

Fall Number One

Smith and Hennig start things off and they lock up and Hennig with a side head lock and take down. Smith with a reversal. Smith with a shoulder tackle but Hennig with a hip toss and arm drag into an arm bar. Smith with a series of forearms in the corner and then he tags in Wilson who kicks Hennig from the apron. Hennig punches Wilson but Wilson punches back. Wilson with a snap mare and kick to the back for a near fall. Wilson with a front face lock and Smith is tagged back in. Smith with a European uppercut. Hennig with a sunset flip but he only gets a near fall. Smith with a clothesline for a near fall and then Smith with a reverse chin lock on Hennig. Smith runs Hennig into the corner and Wilson is tagged back in. Wilson and Smith with a double shoulder tackle Wilson makes the cover for a near fall. Smith tags back in but Smith continues to wear down Hennig. Smith with a slam and then he tries for a leg drop from the turnbuckles and Slater is tagged in.

Slater with clotheslines followed by a drop kick and flap jack for a near fall. Slater is pulled by the hair and Slater focuses on Wilson on the apron. Smith wit a running power slam and Wilson with a springboard elbow drop for the first fall.

Fall Number Two

We are joined in progress and Smith and Hennig exchange punches. Hennig gains the advantage and Hennig with an arm drag into an arm bar. Slater tags in and he punches Smith and works on the arm. Slater with an arm bar. Smith with forearms and punches but Slater punches back. Slater misses a drop kick when Smith holds on to the ropes. Smith with a Saito suplex for a two count. Wilson tags in and Smith with a drop toe hold and Wilson with a drop kick to the head for a two count. Wilson with a reverse chin lock. Wilson with a knee to the midsection and then he hits a leg drop. Wilson chokes Slater with his boot and then Wilson with a slingshot leg drop from the ring to the apron. Wilson can only get a two count because he took too long to make the cover. Wilson with an Irish whip and Slater with a float over and school boy for the three count to tie things at one fall apiece.

Fall Number Three

Before the fall officially starts, Wilson with a spinning back kick to Slater and Slater is down in the corner. Smith pulls Hennig off the apron and then Wilson with a kick and snap suplex to Slater. Smith tags in and he kicks Slater and hits a leg drop for a near fall. Slater tries for a cover but Smith responds with a sunset flip. Smith with a power slam for a two count. Smith with a reverse chin lock. Slater gets out of the hold with a jawbreaker. Smith keeps Slater from making the tag. Wilson with a kick to Slater and he applies a reverse chin lock. Slater with a tag and then he hits a back slide but he can only get a two count. Wilson with a kick to the chest and then he tries for a rana and both men go over the top rope to the floor. Both men are down as the referee starts his count. Slater kicks Wilson away but Smith is tagged in and he knocks Hennig off the apron. Smith with a swinging neckbreaker for a two count.

Wilson is tagged back in and they hit a double suplex and Wilson signals that it is over. Wilson with a back kick but Slater with a spinebuster and both men are down. Slater tries to get to Hennig and he makes the tag. Hennig punches Wilson and hits a drop kick. Hennig with a hip toss and leap frog neck breaker that brings back memories of his father. Wilson hits a springboard drop kick but he accidentally hits the referee. Slater comes in and he hits a leaping side Russian leg sweep. Hennig covers Wilson but there is no referee. Smith breaks up the cover and then he sends Slater out of the ring after a super kick. Smith gets Hennig up for the Hart Attack and the referee makes the count but Hennig kicks out at two. Hennig with a Perfectplex from the apron but Natalya breaks up the cover from the floor. While Smith takes care of Slater on the apron, Wilson gets the three count with a crucifix.
Winners: TJ Wilson and DH Smith

After the match, Wilson, Smith, and Natalya celebrate. We go to credits.

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