We’ve been seeing a good bit of AJ Lee and Brie Bella of late, so what’s one more match between rivals.

For these ladies, following the WHC match featuring a returning John Cena, which resulted in a title change? It’s a tough spot to be in, no doubt. But, they drew the short straw and had the joy of being the match between championship matches.

For what this match was intended to be, it worked. The crowd was coming down from one high, preparing to be jacked up for what could be a heck of a main event match for the WWE title match. Some decent exchanges, but AJ gets Brie in the Black Widow to finish it off. I wonder if WWE will do anything with the accidental shot by Brie on Bella. I’d like to think no, but you never know at this point. I am guessing nothing, provided the rumors of a Cody/Dustin rivalry is in the offing. I wouldn’t expect WWE to have a brother vs brother and a sister vs sister feud brewing at the same time.

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