I hate to say it, but once Cena was victorious and hoisted the WHC earlier in the show, I was pretty sure the outcome of the WWE title match was a foregone conclusion. There was a ton of buildup for this match, as is to be expected. Not to mention, a ton of moving parts. It wasn’t enough just to have Bryan v. Orton, they had to interject Stephanie, Hunter  and of course, guest ref Shawn Michaels for the main event tonight.

Reactions were about as you’d expect them to be. Bryan is over, as he has been.

The match in the confines of a cell? Brutal, as both made use of the structure to aid and abet their offenses. There is a risk with these gimmick matches, especially when you consider that Bryan is one of the best wrestlers today and doesn’t really need a gimmick match to get him through a PPV. That being said, when done well, it all comes together nicely. It was a violent enough match, plenty of chairs too. Hunter and HBK teased tension enough throughout the match to keep things on edge as well.

At the end, it was shove of Bryan, by Orton, into HBK that started the chain of events leading to the final pinfall. HBK gets  bumped and seems out of it. Bryan looks poised to grab the win, having put down both Orton and HHH. What does he get for his efforts? Sweet Chin Music, which Orton takes advantage of, getting the pin and the WWE title. HBK sold being upset at things, but did he not know he was attacking Bryan? Will he say he was still out of it and acting on instinct? Or will there be another reason why Shawn did what he did, and was upset after the fact?

This one is still unfolding, but it’s getting more and more complex as each day passes.

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