[Show: WWE Raw] [Location: United Kingdom] [Date: 11/10/14] [Airing On The USA Network]


Welcome to Wrestlenewz’s play-by-play of WWE Monday Night RAW.

Raw is coming to us from Liverpool, England. John Cena starts the show with his music being met by a chorus of boos. As he makes his way to the ring, the English crowd sings along, “John Cena Sucks! John Cena Sucks!” Cena grabs the mic and takes in the unwelcoming crowd before commenting on the “English remix” of his song.

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Cena comments on the environment, calling the crowd hostile. He recaps the situation surrounding his Survivor Series match, and gets a pop when he mentions that the Authority will be out of power if they lose.

Cena then starts to discuss how the Authority are suppressing his support. He mentions Zack Ryder, saying that Ryder sent out a tweet saying that he’d be ready for Survivor Series, but now he’s out for 6 weeks. He mentions Randy Orton and how he tried to stand up to the authority, but it now out for an unspecified period of time. Despite this, Cena mentions that there are a few who are brave enough to stand up to the Authority, saying that his team has two members: Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler. Both names get a good pop, but a “We want Ziggler” chant starts up after Cena mentions that Ziggler is on his team

Cena mentions that there’s someone in the back who fears no one, because he’s not a human, he’s a monster. Cena mentions that this superstar has been destroying everything in front of him for the past two weeks, and that he will face this superstar in the Main Event. A feed me more chant starts. He calls the superstar down to the ring to “discuss business.”

Ryback comes out to a big pop. Ryback takes the mic and starts to speak, before being interrupted by Triple H’s King of Kings theme. Triple H and Stephanie come out, along with 3 of their 5 Survivor Series team members: Seth Rollins, Kane, and Mark Henry. The Authority hits the ring where Stephanie runs down the crowd, and say that the country is used to authority as they are run by a monarchy. She then takes a jab at England’s anthem, saying that she may use “God Save the Queen” as her new anthem.

Triple H takes the mic and gives Cena intensity in the midst of a crowd chant that’s getting louder. Triple H says that he’s certainly scaring everyone in the back as much as possible, because this match is worth everything. Triple H even goes as far as calling himself a deity in the back. Triple H say

Triple H mocks Cena’s team. He laughs at Jack Swagger, and then calls Ziggler a little tiny guy who he guarantees won’t make it to Survivor Series. Cena quips that Triple H said the same thing about Daniel Bryan, but Bryan beat him at WM30. The crowd goes crazy and starts the Yes chant. Triple H remarks that yes, Bryan beat him, but the “B+ player” is now sitting at home doing nothing, soliciting boos.

Stephanie then grabs the mic to persuade Ryback to joining Team Authority. She plays up the possibility of more main events, while adding that the Authority will always find a way to success. She talks up Ryback more, before Triple H says that the Authority would give Ryback “more, more, more!” of whatever he would want.

Cena calls the Authority wankers and says that this is the reason why the Authority should be out of power. He then says that he may lose at Survivor Series, but he won’t be a sellout, a stooge, or Sexual Chocolate. The crowd erupts into a Sexual Chocolate chant. Cena then tells Ryback that he can join the Authority if he wants, but that they’ll turn on him at the slightest wrong. He then tells Ryback that if he sides with Cena, he’ll have a legion of fans behind him. A raucous crowd erupts for Ryback.

Ryback says that he doesn’t fear the Authority, but then he turns and says that he doesn’t see John Cena’s name on the bottom of his paycheck. He then picks up John Cena and drops him with a spinebuster. Stephanie starts a “Yes” chant, while the crowd responds “No! No! No!” and Ryback walks to the back with his music playing. Triple H stands over Cena and smirks while the announcers mention that Seth Rollins will be competing next.

Seth Rollins vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger comes out to his music and gets a “We the People” before the match starts. The match starts and both men go at it. Rollins gets an early advantage and works Swagger over in the corner, before Swagger reverses things, bringing Rollins to another corner. Swagger with a few punches to the gut, before bringing Rollins out to the middle of the ring where he nails a snap headlock takedown, followed by a leg drop off the ropes. Swagger continues to beat on Rollins. He gets Rollins in the corner and sets up for the corner to corner Swagger Bomb, but Rollins rolls out the ring as the announcers take us to a commercial break.

We come back and Rollins has Swagger seated in the middle of the ring. Rollins goes for a cover, but gets only 2. The announcers then reference Rollins nailing a STO to the middle turnbuckle to turn the tide of the match. Rollins nails a kick to gut, before using a snapmare to bring down Swagger and following it with a chinlock. Swagger fights out of the chinlock, sending Rollins off the ropes before tossing Rollins to the outside with a BIG back body drop. Colter and the stooges argue as Rollins tries to recover.

Swagger nails a clothesline before sending Rollins to the other tunbuckle and hitting a Swagger Bomb. Rollins then tries a sunset flip from the second rope, but Swagger turns it into the Patriot Lock. Swagger breaks the hold after Seth makes it to the ropes. Swagger goes outside the ring, where Seth tries a running knee, but it’s turned into another Patriot Lock. The stooges make Swagger break the lock, while Rollins climbs the barricade.

Rollins then pushes Swagger headfirst into a ringpole. Rollins brings a groggy Swagger into the ring, where he hits a Curb Stomp for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

After the match, the crowd chants for “one more time.” Rollins hits another Curb Stomp on Swagger and then threatens Colter, saying “We got one for you too, old man!” Doctors check on Swagger, as the announcers mention that Sheamus will get a rematch for the US Title against Rusev later on tonight.

We hear JBL sending up a tribute to vets for Veteran’s Day, before Cole takes us to a video package from Smackdown. Dean Ambrose was on Christian’s peep show, where he mentioned that he fears no one, including Bray Wyatt. Bray and Dean have an exchange in the video package before Bray mysteriously disappears.

Ambrose gives a promo from the backstage, detailing his resilience. He admits that Bray got a few things right, but he says that each time he wrestles he face demons bigger and badder than Bray. Ambrose says that if the Authority couldn’t stop him, Bray won’t. Ambrose says that he hopes that there’s a special place in hell for Bray, because if he goes down, he’ll go down in a huge explosion taking everything with him.

We get a backstage promo with Ryback and Kane. Ryback is preparing for his match while Kane gives his corporate speak that Ryback ignores. Kane tells Ryback that tonight is his first chance to prove himself, that the Authority can help him, etc, but Ryback stares ahead the whole time. Kane is irritated by Ryback brushing off his advice, before announcing that he’ll be at ringside to ensure Ryback wins. Ryback turns to Kane and tells him to stay out his way, before walking off, as Kane looks on angrily.


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