-We go live from The First Niagara Center in Buffalo, New York, for a new pay-per-view titled WWE Battleground – the first in its existence. Josh Matthews introduces The Miz, Titus O’Neil and Tensai. The “Kickoff” Pre-Show is underway.

-The Miz says he is looking forward to the main event and says that if he cannot terrorize Randy Orton, he wants Daniel Bryan to do it. Titus says he is looking forward to The Shield (Reigns & Rollins) against Cody Rhodes and his brother, Goldust, and says if The Rhodes Brothers cannot steer themselves to victory, it damages the future of the WWE. Tensai says he is looking forward to the hardcore match between World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio against challenger Rob Van Dam and questions if Damien Sandow will cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase.

-Josh Matthews turns the attention to Renee Young, who would like fans to vote on the best power couple in WWE history, including Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, Lita and Edge, Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth or Booker T and Queen Sharmell.

-We go to video footage of Raw, where Paul Heyman proposes to Ryback, asking him to be a Paul Heyman guy and CM Punk’s attack on Ryback and Curtis Axel.

-We go to an interview conducted by Matthews with Heyman and Ryback, and asks them about their thoughts on tonight’s match.  Heyman says a bully like Punk needs to gather 14,000 people in his army, who are also bullies, to get his way.

We go ringside with Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and JBL, as we gear up for the “Kickoff” match between Damien Sandow and Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow

Sandow comes out first, and he says he will decimate a former Money In The Bank holder in Ziggler, and says the fans will want to model their lives after Sandow. Ziggler comes out next, greeted by the fans with a huge pop.

Both men lock up, Sandow getting the headlock. Ziggler reverses and goes for a wristlock. Sandow throws him to the ground and yells, “You’re Welcome!” As Ziggler gets up Sandow kicks him in the mid-section, Irish whip by Sandow and Ziggler reverses, sending Sandow down to the mat and hits his patented 10-count elbows. As Sandow gets up, he reverses an Irish whip from Ziggler and throws him outside the ring.

As we return from break, Ziggler surprises Sandow with a small package and gets the two-count. As he gets up, Sandow drills him with a clothesline. Sandow hits Ziggler with a suplex and gets the two-count. The Money In The Bank holder now has Ziggler in an arm stretch and as Ziggler gets up, Sandow hits him with a reverse Russian leg sweep, followed by the Elbow of Disdain for the two-count. Ziggler gets up and is starting to fight back, but Sandow is pouncing on him with kicks and punches.

Sandow goes to the top rope and misses an aerial manoeuver, as Ziggler dropkicks him on the way down. Ziggler hits a flying clothesline on Sandow and pits him in the corner for a splash, mounts him and drills him with punches. Ziggler goes for the Fame Asser but misses as Sandow hits him with knees to the back. Ziggler gets up after the two-count and gets Sandow in a sunset flip but could not get the three count.

As both men get up, Ziggler misses Sandow in the corner and hits his head hard on the turnbuckle. Sandow gets a two count and nails him with a knee drop. Sandow hits Ziggler with some knees to the midsection, and whips Ziggler to the corner and avoided him by jumping over Ziggler as he held onto the ropes but injured his knee in the process. As Sandow showed obvious pain as he got up, Ziggler capitalized by hitting the Zig-Zag for the three count.

Dolph Ziggler defeats Damien Sandow by pinfall

The broadcast table goes to footage from Raw, where The Shield attacked The Rhodes Family after the announcement of Goldust and Cody’s match with Rolling and Reigns. The PPV panel share some last thoughts on the matter, saying they are pulling for The Rhodes Brothers since they all have children and understand the importance of family.

We got to Renee Young, who shares the results of the Best Power Couple in WWE History poll, in which Edge & Lita squeak out a close victory.

One more highlight from Raw shows Orton and Bryan’s confrontation, with Orton lashing out a beating on Bryan in front of his fiancée, Brie Bella, before we go to the pay-per-view.

We go to the lead-in video for the pay-per-view, which shows The Shield’s feud with the Rhodes Family, build-up between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton and video highlights of Stephanie McMahon and Triple H over the past few months.

We get shots from the crowd, and go right into our first match of the evening – Alberto Del Rio against Rob Van Dam for the World Heavyweight Championship in a Hardcore Match (Battleground Rules). RVD comes out first to a huge pop, while Del Rio gets booed heavily.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam (Battleground Rules Match for the World Heavyweight Championship)

Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Mr. Pay-Per-View, Rob Van Dam. Lilian Garcia is about to introduce Alberto Del Rio, but he insists he is introduced in Spanish.

The match starts off and Del Rio pummels RVD to the midsection and works his way outside. Before he can get a weapon, Van Dam slides and hits Del Rio in the head with a kick. RVD lands a moonsault off the barricade outside and nails Del Rio. RVD grabs a steel chair and tried to meet Del Rio in the ring although Del Rio hits him while on the apron. As Del Rio stalls, RVD leaps over the ropes and hits Del Rio with a flying DDT off the ropes. As RVD tries to capitalize, he follows Del Rio into the corner who hits the Back Stabber on Van Dam as he moves out of the way of his attack.

Del Rio continues to beat up RVD, until Van Dam changes the momentum and hits him with a spinning heel kick. RVD moves to the outside and grabs a ladder. Both men toggle with the ladder as RVD tries to come back to the ring, and ends up hitting Del Rio with the ladder in the face. RVD sets up the ladder in the corner and whips Del Rio into it, with the champion hitting the ladder hard and falling to the outside. RVD goes for the pin and gets the two-count.

RVD whips Del Rio into the ladder once more and tries to hit Rolling Thunder onto the ladder but Del Rio moved out of the way. As Van Dam stayed on the ladder, Del Rio hit him with an enziguri from behind.

Del Rio gets a trashcan and starts to whip RVD with it. He moves to the top rope with the can in hand and RVD hits a dropkick right on the trashcan, which crashes into Del Rio’s ribcage. Both men get up and start to trade fists, with RVD hitting a clothesline off the ropes as Del Rio shied away. RVD sets up the ladder on the ground and hits a body slam. He keeps Del Rio laid out on the ladder and hits him with his patented moonsault off the ropes.

With Del Rio still on the ladder, RVD goes for Rolling Thunder but misses. Del Rio hits the Cross Armbreaker but Rodriguez comes into the ring and hits Del Rio with a pale. Del Rio throws RVD to the outside and comes face to face with Ricardo. He tells him to give him the pale, and Ricardo is about to give it to him but clocks Del Rio with it multiple times. Del Rio ends up on the outside with Rodriguez and throws him into the barricade, followed by a kick. RVD comes to the rescue as Del Rio throws to bring the ladder in, with Van Dam kicking it back in Del Rio’s face.

With the ladder on top of Del Rio on the outside, RVD hits the Five Star Frogsplash on Del Rio. Both men take a while to get up and into the ring. With Del Rio in the corner, RVD went for the Van Terminator with a chair in hand but missed as Del Rio moved out of the way. Del Rio gets up and sets up a chair. With RVD running towards him, Del Rio hits him with a drop-toehold and puts his arm in the chair – smashing the chair with his feet. Del Rio hits the Cross Armbreaker with RVD’s arm trapped in the chair, leaving the former ECW star with no alternative but to tap out.

Alberto Del Rio defeats Rob Van Dam by submission (retains World Heavyweight Championship)

Zeb Colter is seen backstage with The Real Americans, who is upset with the Hispanic community in Buffalo along with the Canadians who are sneaking across the border. He tells Santino and The Great Khali they too will be fried, just like Buffalo’s main claim to fame.

The Real Americans vs. The Great Khali and Santino Marella

Khali is out first, followed by Santino. The Real Americans rush the ring and throw their flags in the center.

Commencing the match is Swagger and Santino. Swagger slaps on a headlock and lays on top of Santino until the Italian can get up, in which he tries to jump to his feet but falls down. Santino and Swagger lock up again and Santino hits Swagger with a shoulder as he comes off the ropes. Santino hits him with a bodyslam followed by a hip toss and unleashes The Cobra. Swagger moves to the outside and Hornswoggle unleashes a Cobra of his own – with Swagger removing it and ripping it apart.

Back in the ring, Swagger drills Santino with a clothesline and pits Santino into the corner. He tags in Cesaro, who leaps over Swagger and drops both feet onto Santino’s chest. Cesaro keeps working on Santino, disabling him from tagging The Great Khali.

Swagger is tagged back in and lays a sleeper on Santino. Santino works his way out of it with a reverse suplex. Santino tags in Khali, who works on both men, slapping their chests with his massive hands. Santino gets back into the ring and dives onto Swagger who is on the outside. Cesaro nails Khali in the legs and with Khali down on the mat, Cesaro nails him with The Big Swing (known as the Cesaro Swing), and rolls up Khali for the three count.

The Real Americans defeat The Great Khali and Santino Marella by pinfall

A video montage is shown for WWE’s Battle Against Breast Cancer.

Curtis Axel vs. R-Truth (WWE Intercontinental Championship)

Axel is out first, accompanied by Paul Heyman, followed by R-Truth.

Both men lock up, with Truth slapping Axel as they break and hits him with a clothesline for the two-count. Truth nails Axel in the corner, smashing his head on the turnbuckle. Truth mounts Axel and lands 10 punches on him, followed by a body slam but only gets the two count. Truth clotheslines Axel onto the outside. Truth follows his opponent and hits him with a flying clothesline off the apron. Truth hooks the leg and gets a two count. Axel goes to the outside and Truth follows him. With Axel trying to get back into the ring, he kicks Truth into the barricade who is on the outside. Axel comes back outside and hits Truth with a spinebuster into the barricade.

Axel throws Truth back into the ring and hits him with a nice dropkick. Axel works a sleeperhold, and Truth starts to break free. Axel nails Truth back down and runs towards the ropes but is greeted with a flying unorthodox dropkick from Truth.

Truth hits Axel with two clotheslines and goes for another dropkick but gets the two count. Truth hits Axel with a suplex but only gets the two counts. Truth goes for Axel in the corner but the champion hits him with an elbow. Truth gets back and Axel picks him up and drills him into the turnbuckle with a backwards spinebuster.

Axel hits his finisher and gets the three count, retaining his title.

Curtis Axel defeats R-Truth by pinfall (retains Intercontinental Championship)

We go to highlights of Ziggler and Sandow’s kickoff match, before the Divas Championship match.

AJ Lee vs. Brie Bella (WWE Divas Championship)

Brie is accomplanied by her sister Nikki, and AJ comes out second accompanied by Tamina.

Brie starts to go after AJ and throws her to the outside. AJ gets back into the ring and starts to pummel Brie in the corner. Brie fights it off and hits AJ with a dropkick. Brie goes for a scissors-kick in the corner but AJ catches her legs and throws her right into the post.

Back in the ring, AJ chokes Brie on the ropes. AJ works a submission on Brie’s left arm but the challenger gets back on her feet. AJ reverses Brie’s attack and works the arm once more.

As AJ showboats, Brie clocks her right in the jaw. AJ fights it off and hits Brie once more to the mat. AJ prances around the ring after drilling Brie into the ropes but Brie creates an opening and hits AJ with a dropkick. Brie hits AJ with a clothesline off the ropes and follows up with a dropkick. Brie lands a backbreaker and gets a two count. Brie hits AJ with a flying knee but is distracted by Tamina who starts to attack Nikki. With Brie’s attention focused on the outside, AJ hits a roll up and retain the title.

AJ Lee defeats Brie Bella by pinfall (retains WWE Divas Championship)

We go to a video montage dedicated to our next bout, Rollins & Reigns and The Rhodes Brothers.

The Shield (Rollins & Reigns) vs. Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Renee Young chats with Dusty Rhodes, Cody Rhodes and Goldust in the back. Dusty says what’s at stake is family and they will send The Shield running out of Buffalo tonight. Goldust says they will expose The Shield as the bosses’ puppets. Cody Rhodes says they will fight for their lives, and fight for their families.

The Shield is out first, with Ambrose on the outside. Dusty Rhodes’ music hits and out comes the Rhodes family.

Cody starts first against Rollins. Cody starts to drill Rollins with punches. Cody whips him into the ropes and hits Rollins with an overhead drop. Reigns charges into the opposite corner and Goldust starts to pummel him from the apron before him and his brother work on the big Samoan. Ambrose and Rollins rescue him from the outside. The Shield turn their attention to the outside and standoff against Dusty, who is met by his sons on the outside. The confrontation breaks and Goldust goes to work on Reigns in the ring. Reigns kicks Goldust in the gut and head-butts him. He whips Goldust into the ropes who reverses and hits Reigns with a clothesline. He tags in Cody, who cannot get the best of Reigns and finds himself on the receiving end of a clotheslines and in the opposite corner.

Rollins is tagged in and Cody starts to regain his composure, and starts to pummel Rollins in the corner. Rollins ends up picking up Rhodes and smashing him into the turnbuckle before tagging in Reigns who buries Cody with a clothesline. Rollins gets tagged in shortly afterwards, and works an armlock on Cody. Rollins kicks Cody in the gut, who starts to wake up a little but is drilled into the corner for his troubles.

They suspend Cody upside down but he rallies out of the corner and starts to hit both men. He hits a moonsault on Rollins and tags in his brother, Goldust.

Goldust hits Reigns with an atomic drop and moves to the top rope, where he hits a reverse moonsault but only gets the two count.

Goldust is then double-teamed and thrown to the outside, where he gets back into the ring a split-second before the end of the ten count. Reigns has Goldust in a chin lock and as Goldust works his way back to his feet, Reigns hits him with a flying clothesline.

Rollins is tagged in and works a submission reminiscent to Ted Dibiase’s finisher. Goldust works his way back to his feet and hits a powerslam on Rollins as he comes off the ropes. Goldust tags in Cody, who is exploding with flying elbows. He hits Rollins with an overhead slam, but only gets a two count. Rhodes catches Rollins off the top rope and hits him with an unorthodox suplex off his shoulders. Reigns interferes and throws Goldust to the outside, where Cody hits him with a Disaster Kick. As Reigns falls to the outside, Rollins hits Cody in the ring.

On the outside, Dusty is confronted by Ambrose and hits him with his belt and the Bionic Elbow. As Reigns is about to attack Dusty, Goldust nails him with a flying elbow.

In the ring, Cody survives a roll up from Rollins and hits the Cross Rhodes, pinning Rollins and securing his job along with his father’s and his brother’s employment.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust beats The Shield (Rollins & Reigns) by pinfall

The Rhodes family is joined by fellow wrestlers on the rosters who greet them at the entrance ramp, including Mike Rotunda, Arn Anderson and Fit Finlay.

The pay-per-view panel discuss what they just saw, and Tensai reminds the audience that we have not seen a title change hands however there will be a new WWE Champion tonight.

Brad Maddox is seen in the back and is visibly nervous, hanging up the phone. He is joined by Vickie Guerrero and pleads with her to help him make sure the show runs smoothly in the absence of Triple H and Stephanie. Vickie laughs it off and says it is his responsibility, now that he is left in charge.

Kofi Kingston vs. Bray Wyatt

Kofi is up first, who comes out to a nice pop, followed by the creepy entrance of The Wyatt Family.

Kofi clocks Bray with some kicks to the gut and Bray creepily laughs them off. Wyatt catches Kofi’s legs and smashed him to the ground. As Kofi gets up, Wyatt throws him into the corner but he hits Bray with a kick as he came in. Wyatt drills Kofi into the corner once again and starts to drill him with punches.

As he brings Kofi up, Bray nails him with a vicious clothesline. Wyatt works on Kofi’s jaw and nails him with a body slam. Bray lands an elbow drop.

Wyatt clenches Kofi’s jaw and starts to drill him in the face. Wyatt goes for a reverses suplex but Kofi reverses it. As Kofi goes for a springboard off the ropes, Wyatt catches him with a powerslam. Wyatt throws Kofi against the ropes who cradles around Wyatt’s shoulders and sends him crashing to the mat. Kingston hits the Boom Drop and is getting booed from the fans. Kofi signals for Trouble in Paradise but Wyatt counters with a splash.

In the corner, Wyatt hangs upside down and starts to walk towards Kofi reversed on all fours like The Exorcist. Kofi runs to the outside and is surrounded by the Wyatt Family. He runs in the ring and Bray goes for a diving clothesline, only to miss and finds himself on the outside. Kofi jumps over the ropes and hits them ll down with a flying somersault. Kofi tries to counter Wyatt’s neckbreaker, but Wyatt runs off the ropes and catches his arm, setting up Sister Abigail for the win.

Bray Wyatt defeats Kofi Kingston by pinfall 

Harper and Rowan attack Kofi after the match, and Wyatt takes the mic and cuts a promo, saying there is no right or wrong as he towers over Kofi’s lifeless body.

We go to highlights of matches we saw earlier in the pay-per-view broadcast.

CM Punk vs. Ryback

We go to a video montage that dates back to Ryback’s alliance with Heyman, and all of the buildup leading into this match.

Ryback ferociously makes his way to the ring first, and CM Punk comes out to a huge ovation afterwards.

Almost everyone is on their feet. They lock up and Ryback sends Punk in the corner and taunts him. They lock up again and Ryback sends Punk crashing to the mat. Punk starts to chop at Ryback’s legs as the monster gets up. Ryback goes to Heyman for advice on the outside and then enters the ring, greeted by more kicks from Punk.

Ryback tries to escape to the outside but Punk flies through the second ropes and hits him on the outside. Punk flies off the barricade and is caught by Ryback but sends him crashing into the post and steel steps. Punk hits a lateral press off the top rope as both men find themselves in the ring.

Ryback hits Punk with a clothesline and sends Punk crashing into the corner. Ryback moves to the outside and buries Punk into the post. Fans really letting Ryback have it with “Goldberg” and “You Can’t Wrestle” chants. Ryback hits Punk with a big belly-to-belly suplex and gets the two count.

Ryback puts Punk in a suplex position and drops him right onto the ropes. Ryback moves to the outside and clocks Punk right into the chest with a forearm. Ryback sends Punk in the corner and starts to drill him with shoulders. Ryback works a sleeperhold and Punk works his way back to his feet. Punk starts to land some kicks on Ryback and whips him into the ropes, landing a dropkick and a swinging neckbreaker. Punk signals the GTS.

Heyman grabs the mic and proclaims himself as the best in the world. With Punk distracted, Ryback spears Punk and lands a powerbomb but only gets the two count.

Ryback goes for a second powerbomb but Punk lands on his feet and catches Ryback with a roundhouse kick. Punk goes to the top rope and lands an elbow drop.

Punk sends Ryback into the corner and as he goes for his last knee to the face, Ryback catches him but Punk reverses it into a hurricanrana. Punk goes for the GTS but Ryback reverses it into a power slam. He gets a two count.

With Punk on the second rope, Ryback works on his back as Heyman grabs a kendo stick. With the referee warning Heyman, his back is turned and Punk hits a low blow on Ryback and gets the three count.

CM Punk defeats Ryback by pinfall

We go to the PPV panel one more time, and all three superstars want to see Daniel Bryan win this one.

We go to a video montage dating back from Night of Champions, where Bryan originally won the title.

Well, this is odd. The pay-per-view has just been blacked out.

We return to the ring, where it seems like they are waiting for the issues to resolve to start this match. Cole announces it was a power outage.

Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton (WWE Championship)

Orton is out first, followed by Bryan.

They lock up, and Bryan throws Orton to the mat via a headlock. They separate and Bryan works another headlock before Orton whips him to the rope and shoulder-checks him. Orton calls for the hand as they clinch but Orton kicks Bryan right in the gut. Orton runs off the ropes right into a dropkicks. Bryan gives Orton a few kicks and works on Orton’s left arm. Orton reverses it into his patented reverse backbreaker.

Orton knees Bryan in the head a few times. Orton pulls Bryan’s hair and works on Bryans arm. Bryan reverses Orton’s position and whips him into the ropes, delivering a knee to the gut. Bryan works on Orton’s left ankle, slamming his knees down on it. Bryan traps Orton’s legs and starts to drill Orton with punches.  Bryan pits Orton on the top rope but The Viper throws Bryan off of him onto the ropes. Orton delivers a clotheslines off the ropes onto Bryan.

Orton sends Bryan into the corner and hits him with punches as he is mounted on top of Bryan. Orton head-butts Bryan in the corner. As Orton runs into him, Bryan gets a leg up but runs right into a powerslam. Orton gets a sleeperhold and Orton clocks him in the stomach. Bryan works his way back up and starts to punch Orton, swings off the top rope and runs into Orton who throws him over the top rope. Bryan hangs on and he throws Orton onto the outside, and dives from the inside onto Orton. Orton is against the barricade and Bryan hits him with a flying knee.  Bryan brings him back on the inside and flies from the top rope, right into a powerbomb. Orton gets a two count, and throws a Boston Crab onto Bryan.

Bryan powers out and ends up scoring a small package but gets the two count. With Orton moving to the outside, Bryan tries to hit him with a dropkick from the inside but slides to the outside where Orton throws him into the steps. Orton smashes him into the ring post and reverse suplexes him onto the barricade. He throws Bryan back on the inside. Orton lands a superplex off the ropes and gets the two count.

Orton picks up Bryan and taunts him, and they exchange uppercuts, with Bryan getting the best of the shots. He drops Orton. With Orton on the apron, Bryan goes for a suplex but Orton reverses it and sends Bryan to the outside. Orton removes the monitors from the Spanish announce table and is about to powerbomb Bryan through the table but Bryan flies out of it. He clocks Orton on the outside and goes up to the top ropes, hitting a giant splash on The Viper.

Back on the inside, Orton lays motionless and Bryan hits him with a head-butt off the top ropes, getting the two count. Bryan hits Orton with knees in the corner and starts to deck him in the chest with kicks. Orton catches Bryan and sends him down to the mat with a superplex, reminiscent of Taz’s work. Orton hits a DDT with Bryan’s legs dangling on the ropes and signals for the RKO.

Bryan escapes the RKO and ducks under Orton’s strike and Bryan gets Orton in the Yes Lock. With Orton in trouble, Big Show’s music hits and he sweeps the referees legs out of the ring. Big Show clocks Bryan in the head. Maddox comes out and sends Scott Armstrong to the ring. Big Show is receiving “You Sold Out” chants. Big Show then pulls Armstrong out of the ring, who was at a two count and clocks Armstrong right in the face. Show enters the ring and decks Orton in the face, who was yelling at him. Maddox looks stunned at the entrance ramp. Show had fought back against Corporate and now both combatants are on the ground, knocked out. Show’s music closes out the pay-per-view.

Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton fight to a No Contest (Big Show interference) 

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