Barrett’s strength gives him an early advantage over Kidd, and he looks to rip Kidd’s arm off. Kidd tries to get traction, but Barrett quickly cuts him off. Kidd with a knee from the apron then a baseball slide and Barrett is down on the outside. The audience is going nuts for Kidd. Kidd wants a slingshot move, but Barrett cold-cocks him in mid-air to gain the edge. Barrett is a variety of hard offense. Kidd’s sudden offense draws a big crowd reaction. Slingshot guillotine leg drop through the ropes, and a springboard elbow, but Barrett kicks out. Kidd wants the top rope blockbuster, but Barrett throws him off. Souvenir Elbow and Kidd is down for three.

WINNER: Barrett in 6:00. Very nice match. Didn’t Wade Barrett declare that he was aiming for the World Championship? And, now he’s on Superstars allowing Tyson Kidd to get in lots of offense in a six-minute match? I think the crowd reacted better to Kidd that most of the roster, too. Kidd is slowly building a fanbase.


Otunga with an early advantage, but McGillicutty makes a quick comeback. McGillicutty gets bodyslammed ringside and Otunga rolls him in for a two count. Otunga with a stretch of offense. McGillicutty makes a comeback with a nearly-entirely new skillset, while playing up a back injury. He has turned up the speed a lot. Otunga slips away from a neckbreaker and lands his spinebuster finisher for the win.

WINNER: David Otunga in 4:45. More odd booking, with McGillicutty playing a babyface role, and the audience responding very well to it. Drew McIntyre did the same a few weeks ago, and then ended up in the crowd of Heath Slater’s groupies. I get the feeling that WWE is using Superstars matches to give a variety of undercard heels a casting call for a babyface turn.


Tensai dominates, Tatsu makes a brief comback, Tensai cuts it off. The powerbomb and senton splash wrap it up.

WINNER: Tensai in 2:00.

Post-match, Tensai cuts a promo in Japanese.


Sandow and Jey Uso start. Jey sends Sandow to the outside to recover, and he tags Rhodes in. Jimmy comes in too. Rhodes eats offense from the Usos for a moment, but gets Jimmy cornered. Jimmy slides out of an Alabama Slam attempt and brings Jey in, who clears Rhodes from the match. They end up dominating Team Rhodes Scholars on the outside heading into break.

Commercial Break.

Sandow has Jey in a headlock out of the break, but Jey immediately fights out. Sandow goes running to his corner to make a tag. Jey finally almost escapes, but Sandow yanks his pants to drag him to Rhodes. Rhodes whiffs a moonsault, and it’s Jimmy and Sandow in the ring after a double tag. Jimmy Uso with his traditional hot tag offense. The action breaks down and Sandow chop blocks Jimmy to let him land Terminus Neckbreaker for the win.

WINNER: Team Rhodes Scholars in 11:50. I don’t understand Team Rhodes Scholars. Why would Cody Rhodes pair up with someone who always runs away once the fight turns against him? Sandow plays his role to a T, but it doesn’t make sense for the teaming. It’s also amazing how this match ended in two minutes last week, and this week it was one of the longest WWE matches of the week.

Source: PWTorch.com

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